Voted the Best Candy Store in Los Angeles four years in a row by Los Angeles Downtown News.

Raquel's Candy N' Confections was founded in 1982 by Roberto and Raquel Luna, who were pioneers in the Hispanic Product Industry in the United States. The couple started by importing products like Jarritos and Lucas, which were then unknown in the U.S. Roberto would fill his van with these products in Mexico and sell them throughout California, returning to Mexico to reload once each load was sold. This family business has evolved significantly since then. With the assistance of their children after graduating high school, the business grew. Meybol, the eldest, became the company controller, Olivia took charge of National Chain Sales, and Anita managed the storefront in Downtown Los Angeles. The younger brothers, Robert, Benjamin, and Christopher, helped at the store during their summers. Over time, the single van expanded into a fleet of semi-trucks, distributing products throughout the United States. Roberto and Raquel retired in 2000.

Christopher Luna, growing up in this family business, went on to earn a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He then pursued a successful career in banking and insurance, gaining experience at companies like Farmers Insurance, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo. Together with his wife, Jacqueline Luna, he applied these business principles to further develop Raquel's Candy N' Confections into a thriving enterprise. The launch of MexicanCandy.com marked the company's expansion into direct-to-consumer sales.

Christopher is deeply grateful for the opportunities he had in his youth and is now committed to inspiring and supporting young people, including his two sons and daughter. He focuses on providing young entrepreneurs with the necessary education and resources to realize their visions. Passionate about his work and dedicated to his community, Christopher looks forward to continuing his contributions for many years to come.