Where does Paleta Payaso come from?


The clown Lollipop better known as Paleta Payaso is one of the most traditional candies that can't be missed at Mexican parties.   

This delicious lollipop was not always marshmallows covered with Chocolate, it was actually way different long ago.  


 In the 70s, Ricolino’s creative Staff were looking for a different way to bring  treats to the people & also surprise consumers. After testing different sweets and presentations, they decide to cover cornflakes with chocolates. Yes, Cornflakes! 


However, later on after so much testing, they decided to replace the flakes with Marshmallows instead, covered it with chocolate and added colorful gummies that created the clown face design, it has now and that’s exactly how the Paleta Payaso from Ricolinos was born.

The birth of this amazing Lollipop was 50 years ago and it remains in full force and continues to be as delicious as always.  


What is Ricolino's clown lollipop made of?  

Marshmallows, chocolate, and colorful gummies.  


What is the most popular presentation?  

It comes in 2 different sizes; Big and Mini lollipops. Perfect for all ages.  


What made this Lollipop so delicious? having 2 of the greatest ingredients in it: Chocolate and Marshmallows.  


You can find this amazing lollipop at any Pinata Parties, family meetings, babyshowers or Candy´s Tables at any Mexican weddings.  

This lollipop has been present from generation to generation and we are sure if will continue to be present even for our future grandkids and their kids. 


If you don’t want to miss this great lollipop, visit our website and buy it as soon as possible.  


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