What is the most popular Mexican Candy?

The most popular Mexican Candy?


Mexican Candies are well known for their wide variety and creativity. They are capable of satisfying all kinds of tastes.

However, we already know that among their creativity, there are varieties including hottest candies, less spicy, and other ones, sweet with no spicy. 


Here is the thing, for those who love spicy food and candies, their favorite sweetie and most popular ones are De la Rosa’s Pulparindos.

For those who prefer the sweetest candies and enjoy them, the most popular candies are Obleas  with Cajeta filling. 

We had a considerable debate about this idea, so we couldn't decide which of those are the most popular Mexican Candy, and we agreed that both are very popular.

De la Rosa Pulparindo:

De la Rosa Pulparindo

This candy is known to have a fruit layer inside, tamarind pulp flavor, and colorful covers outside. The excellent news is De la Rosa Pulparindo has a variety of flavors, such as The Original, Chamoy, Mango, and Watermelon. 

The good thing about eating de la Rosa Pulparindo is: that they are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.


Aldama Obleas con Cajeta

Aldama Obleas con Cajeta

Is one of the most popular candies among Mexican folks. 

 They have been eaten since childhood, when people eat these Obleas with Cajeta reminds them of their childhood or when they used to eat with their relatives in their earlier years. 

The good of this Aldamas Obleas con Cajeta is made with wheat flour, water and cow and goat's milk candy.


Now, we want to know your opinion. What do you think about the most popular Mexican Candy? For you, what is the most popular Mexican Candy: de la Rosa Pulparindo or Aldama Oblea con Cajeta?

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