What is Tamarind Fruit?



 Tamarind is a trendy fruit originally from Africa and Asia, which has become very popular in Latin America. It has an acid flavor and is a fruit with a pulp around a seed inside a pod.

What is the benefit of consuming Tamarind?

This fruit contains vitamins such as Vitamins C, A, B3, and natural fiber, among others.

Doctors recommend drinking Tamarind Juices or Agua de Tamarindo as a complement to fight dehydration during hottest days, strengthen the immune system, improve kidney health, and other more benefits.

How can you eat Tamarind?

The advantage of this fruit is its flexibility, which you can consume in many ways. It can be combined with salty food or be eaten in a dessert; this flexibility makes it an exotic fruit.


By now, I have a little list of ways to consume tamarind:

  • If you like the acid fruits, you should get out of the pod, add a little salt and eat the pulp. 
  • You can make Tamarind Juice: put it out of the pod, let it in a water barrel for a while, then take out the seeds and add: sugar, honey or Splenda, ice, and now it is ready to drink. 

Picture thanks to freepek.es

  • You can also make a tamarind dressing and put it in fresh salad. We will share a quick recipe in our upcoming post. We are sure you’ll love this way to eat it.
  • You can make homemade jam and spread it on your morning toast.

Picture thanks to freepek.es

  • Personal speaking, one of our favorite ways to eat Tamarind is in the variety of Mexican candies with tamarind flavors we have on our store. There are so many options with a bit or much spiciness.

Here we go, now that you know the benefits of  Tamarind. We would love to know your opinion: What’s your favorite way to enjoy it?

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