What does Chamoy taste like? A little explanation

We will give you a little explanation about this popular Mexican sauce of Japanese origin. 

It’s a sauce with dried plums, salt, vinegar, hot chili, and little sugar. You can find it in powder presentation or  sauce.

 It’s very traditional in Mexico; however, if you find a Mexican home worldwide, you can discover this amazing sauce which can be addictive in no time! 


 But what does Chamoy taste like?

The taste has an excellent combination of sweetbitter with a touch of hot and savory flavor, without a doubt, a great flavor out of mind. 

You can add Chamoy Powder or Chamoy Sauce to fruits, ice cream, frappes, lollipops, or raspados, but nowadays, you can find snacks already seasoned with chamoy that you can enjoy during parties, meetings, etc.

But, what snacks have chamoy flavored?

Now you know what chamoy tastes like and what kind of snack has chamoy flavor. Which one do you want to try first? 

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