Top 7 Mexican Candies for Halloween Treat Bags

Recently, I was looking for some treats which could fit right Halloween Treat Bags for the coming October 31st party.

And, I asked myself: What would be the perfect candies for it? Should I buy the same sweets from previous years? Can I make it different?

 Top 7 Mexican Candies for Halloween Treat Bags

It would be nice adding a special touch to the typical party that everybody loves and celebrates and it could be better, be unforgettable. 

We agreed, one of the things from a party everybody remembers is: Food specially treats.


I started researching on Google about different types of candies that people used to eat during Halloween Celebration, goodies that kids and adults could enjoy together. 

There is a lot of information about it, so we decided to choose 7 sweet recommendations for you.  

Here we go, my ultimate sweet Halloween Treat Bag should have these most fabulous Mexican Candy.


1. Sonric Rockaleta Mix: has a mix of spicy gummies, sweetie hot tamarind, and lollipops in their classic flavors. This presentation comes with Rockaleta, Bola, and Taffi goodies.


2. Dulces Vaquita: caramel candies with lollipops, sweets, and a mix of canels. These are great for putting inside the treat bags and adding to candy tables. Everybody loves this kind of Mexican Candies. The best part is these are not with chili. Trust me, you won’t stop eating them!


3. Tinajita Gelatina Mini frutas: I read this name candy and can imagine how delicious it is. This tremendous natural fruit jelly with flavors such as Mango, Strawberry, Lemon, and Pineapple. 

The good thing about these candies is that you can find them in a big bag with a lot of this fruity jelly.

Tinajita Gelatina Mini Frutitas

4. Canels Rainbow Mix: goodies assortment full of funny candies and chewing gum. Including a mix of gum, hard candy, and lollipops such as Bubble Up Chewing Gum fruits, Campeon Bubble Gum - banana, cherry, fruits, grape, and much more. Wide variety in one bag. If you have a small budget, this bag is perfect for you.

5. Dulces del Puesto: this is a really good name for a candy. It is an acidulated Lollipop with chili powder in a little bottle. There are four flavors: Mango, Chamoy, Watermelon, and Cucumber.

6. Canels 4 pastillas:  Original Chewing Gum with top flavors like green apple, grape, banana, and cherry. It comes in a gummy packet that fits perfectly in any taste.

Canels Candy

7. Ricolino Paquete Diversión: big bag with fully funny and traditional candies. You will find Bocadin, Panditas Mini, Bubulubu Mini, and Krankys inside of it. All you’re looking for in one bag.

 Ricolino Paquete Diversion

Now, there you have it. This Candy list covers all tastes, making it an excellent option for Halloween Treat Bags.  

If you already enjoyed these candies or you are looking for other candy’s options, visit and see more than 200 types of goodies, choose your favorites and get them directly at your home.

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