The mystery about Rockaleta Lollipop

Rockaleta Lollipop

Why is Rockaleta Lollipop mysterious? What does it make special? Keep Reading and figure it out why.

Rockaletas Lollipop is not an ordinary one. It is a mysterious one outside with a great surprise inside. I am pretty sure, if you try this one, you would say: Bam, what Delicious taste, I want one more or much more.

Sonrics Rockaleta Mix / Sonrics Rockaleta Taffy

What’s made special this Sonric Rockaletas Lollipop: 

Are you ready to revels this great secret: If you said yes, keep reading


This lollipop is made with four layers of fruit flavors: 

  1. In the first layer, you’ll find a red filling with a Little spicy and soft flavor
  2. In the second one, you’ll find it filled with green color with lime flavor
  3. That’s it? Nope! In the third layer, you’ll have a satisfying yellow with pineapple flavor
  4. Last but not least, you’ll get a mind blowing Orange flavor.

 Rockaleta Lollipop

Now, let’s imagine the combination of these 4 flavors in your mouth. Can you? Imagine a big explosion of citrus, sweet and spicy flavor. Gummy shows in these great flavor combinations when it doesn’t get any better.

Sonric's Rockaleta Bolsa


Yes, these lollipops with four flavors and a gummy center. Great, right? 

However, this is not the best part because after eating, you will see your tongue with multi-colors. 

After eating it and seeing the tongues, most people start to take funny pictures. Posting on TikTok, calling these eye-catching tongues: Rockaletas Lollipop Challenge. 

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