The 5 Ideal Candy Mixes for Pinata Party Game


Breaking a pinata is definitely an exciting way to end your party. Kids and adults of all ages will be engaged waiting to hit it up! 

However, filling a piñata could be a lot of work. What candies should you buy? What are the perfect goodies? Should we put a candy bar? Is it enough for everyone? and more!  


Don’t worry about one thing ‘cause we have a great list of ideal candies for you! 

Mara Combo Pinata Candy

 Mixed Pinata Candy with colorful and fruit-hard candies in a bag of 10 pounds each. 

Ricolino Paquete Diversion

Mixed bag of Hard-candies, Chocolate and lollipops ready to have an excellent pinata party with Bocadin, Mini Bubulubu, Krankys and all the other good stuff.  

Jovy Happy Mix

Assorted flavor lollipops and hard candies, each bag contains 5 pounds of authentic Mexican goodies.  

Montes Caramelo Surtido

Milk Hard Candy and Toffees; full bag of 100 candies.   

Dulces Vero Mix

An assortment of hard spicy candies and acidulated lollipops. This bag has a variety of popular candies such as: Sandy Brochas, Vero Elotes, Vero Mango, and Trabalenguas Lollipops.  



As always, we want to make your life easier. And, be part of your party through our candies.    


Give us your opinion. What do you think about this list? Have you tried these candies before? Is there anything we’re missing?  

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