Mexican Candy Gift Basket Ideas for Special Days 


As the year goes by, those specials dates come along, for example; birthdays, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and many more.   


Subsequently, there is always that thought that comes to mind: What can I give as a gift to a special person on their special day? or What could be appropriate as a gift?   


Perhaps something out of the ordinary that can possibly make their day a bit sweeter.    


Sweeter? Everyone knows that there is nothing better and sweeter than candies. We have written a lot about these traditional candies you can treat yourself with and also share with your loved ones.     


However, we want to give you some ideas for gifts when those special days come around the corner.      


We want to make your life easier by putting together a short list of Mexican Candies you can put inside a Gift Basket. We can assure you these options will be suitable for all.  

Here is the list:   




1. Without Chili: Jovy Happy Chili with candies such as Jovy Pop, Chili Rokas, Jovy Fruit, or Valen-tito. 



2. With Chili: Jovy Revolkados with mango revolcados, Chiliokas, Chamoy Candy, Elote Revolcados, and much more.   


3. Mara Bolonchas Surtida: Hard goodies filled and covered with chili. Mixes flavored candy.  



4. Malvabon Strawberry: Marshmallow with Jelly Natural Strawberry and Covered with Milk Chocolate.  



5. Paletas Semaforo: Lollipop acidulated flavors Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon   


To add something salty, you can add: 



1. Cocktail Peanuts 14 packs of 1.5oz: Japanese style peanut crunchy with 0% Cholesterol    


2. Cacahuate Espanol Habanero: Spanish Peanut with chili.   


Go ahead, don´t waste any more time! buy these great candies and start to make a great Mexican Candy Gift Basket or save this blog post for when that special day for your loved ones arrives.    





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