Mexican Candies for Vegan and Vegetarian People

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We already know how difficult it is to live an animal-free life in a world of mainly meat eaters. Unfortunately some candy products contain animal ingredients or traces. And, we know it sucks!

Honestly, most of the time before purchasing a product it’s better to double-check if they are actually  for you! 

Although you read in blogs or on social media about which ones are or are not vegan friendly there is a lot of information, and you could be overwhelmed and miss the opportunity to eat delicious sweets. 

That is why we’ve prepared just for you a list of Mexican Candies that are a perfect fit for veggie people. Certainly 100% cruelty free.


Safari Cucharita Tamarindo

Chewy Tamarind Candy Paste into a spoon with sour and spicy flavors reminds the typical Mexican Ferias.



The most popular candies in Mexico are the Obleas Raspadas in tortillas shaped. These Obleas are made with wheat flour, water with natural and artificial colorants. Easy peasy! 


Vero Rellerindos Tamarinds

Tamarind flavor acidulated candy with chili and spicy liquid filling. Drooling already?


El Original Pico Grande

Orange Flavored Chili Candy Powder. This spicy taste is great to enjoy with candies, fruits, or eat by itself. Hot and Sour!


There are more: all the Pulparindo flavors, Pelón Pelo Rico, Cocktail Peanuts, Cachepigui Slaps and others!

Don’t forget the best part of this, you can find these veggie candies online just one click away!


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  • Muruna Shaman

    My name is muruna Shaman. And I love Mexican ❤️ me for alot of candies and I hope is delicious great taste for me!
    Mucha gracias from:muruna Shaman. Buenos tardes.

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