Mango Lollipop vs Mango Cachepigui Slaps: Which is Better?


What a tough decision, right? Especially for those who fell in love with exotics treats and love fruity ones. 


However, let’s start from the beginning.   


As we may know, Mango is an exotic fruit from tropical countries, I bet when you eat it you might remember those vacation days, sharing laughs with friends, or maybe relaxing days fulfilled with joy.   

The good news is that this sweet-bitter fruit could be made into candy with chili above it and boom!  


It could be a gigantic explosion of flavors in your mouth that you should repeat again and again.   


In Fact, we have a lot of candies made from mango, especially lollipops.   

The most demanded lollipops with this great flavor are Cachepigui Mango or Mango Chili Lollipops 


Sometimes people have the dilemma: Which of those lollipops should they buy?  


Here is the thing, we are going to explain the difference between those two delicious lollipops and after that... it is up to you! 


The difference between those lollipops is: 



  • Vero Mango Lollipop

    Is a lollipop made with sugar, corn syrup, mango flavor, and Chili-covered from The Vero brand. This is good for those who cannot live without chili.



  • Cachepigui Slaps Mango

    Is an acidulated candy lollipop with mango flavor, before you start to eat you can twist, fold or shape it anyway that you want... which makes it a fun product, actually one of a kind.  


 In addition, We believe both Candies are suitable for vegan and vegetarian people.   

We cannot choose between these lollipops, that's why we are eating and enjoying them both. 


 And you, which of these Mango Lollipops are you going for? 


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