Are the Ricolino’s brand of Candies disappearing?

The Ricolinos brand of candies are the Mexican Candies with no Chili recognized around the world because they have a mix of flavors that makes a big explosion in your mouth.    

This brand of Candies has always been present at piñatas parties, clown lollipops and duvalines have been enjoyed by grandparents, parents, children, and even grandchildren.   

The Ricolinos candy brand are ideal to share with relatives, eat during the day, or only enjoy with them watching a marathon of series.   


So, Will the Ricolino’s brand of Candies disappear from the market?  

Of course not, simply Bimbo Group has decided to sell this part of their operations to Molondez International, with the intention of supplying the growing Ricolinos brand of candies demand around the world. 


What does this mean?   

It means that Molondez International wants to expand all this good and traditional mexican flavor every corner of 150 countries where they have presence. Which is great news for all the people that are in love with chocolates and marshmallows with mexican touch. 

If you want to have more information about this news, you can read this full article  

But what are the most popular Ricolino’s brand of Candies? Keep reading this list below: 

Paleta Payaso Ricolino  

 Paleta Payaso





















Ricolino Duvalin Trisabor


Ricolino Paquete Diversion

Ricolino Duvalin Hazelnut Straw

Bocadin Chocolate  


Now, we want to know your opinion. Have you ever tried some Ricolinos candy brand? What are your favorite candies? 

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