3 ways to eat candy Forritos Chamoy

Zumba Forritos Chamoy


If you are a Tiktok lover, you could see some viral recipes with these Mexican candies. You could see a lot of people making videos mixing these candies, eating them, and filming their reactions.   

One of those popular recipes is those that are made with fruits and Zumba Forritos Chamoy.  


As we know, Zumba Forritos Chamoy is a Caramel coating, it comes in a box with 5 pieces that help us to make this viral food.   


Here we have 3 recepis to eat Zumba Forritos Chamoy.   


One of them is traditional and the other two are new, however, they are very delicious and are worthwhile making on your own.  

  Manzanas Zumba Forritos

Recipe #1:  

Apple Covered  

  • Wash the apples  
  • Open the box   
  • Stretch the coating   
  • Covered the apple  
  • Put some Tajin or Baby Lucas powder above  

  Cumcumber Sushi

Recipe #2: 

Cucumber Sushi   

  • Wash the Cucumber  
  • Stretch the coating  
  • Covered all the cucumber  
  • Put tajin above  
  • Cut in 20 pieces  
  • Add Chamoy Sauce  


Recipe #3: 

Zumba Pica Chamoy Tacos  

  • Stretch the coating  
  • Put Slices of Cucumber, Carrot, Pineapple, Mango  
  • Add peanuts to add a crunchy effect  
  • Put lemon or spicy sauce  
  • Wrap each of them and eat it as a taco 


Now it is your turn to make these delicious recipes.   


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