3 Easy recipes with Pelon Pelo Rico that you can make at home

Pelon Pelo Rico is a soft, sweet and sour candy with a spicy touch made with tamarind and chili.   

It comes in a squeezable bottle for easy eating.   


Now we bring you 3 beverage recipes you can prepare for a special party, event or simply to just have a good time with your friends.  

If you’re having a cocktail party with your friends and you are looking for an out of the ordinary version of these traditional drinks, this is the recipe you can make.  


Margarita Pelon Pelo Rico  

  • Mix in a blender Mango Juice, Lime Juice, Pelon Pelo Rico plus Tequila.  
  • Blend until all the ingredients have mixed well.  
  • Frost a margarita glass with lime and powdered Tajin  
  • Serve it in a glass and drink. 


Maybe you are the type of person who is searching for a new beverage to make in those hot sunny days.  

That is the drink you can try:   

 Mango Pelonada  

  • Put in a Blender Mango Juice, Lime Juice, chili powder, sugar, Pelon Pelo Rico, and ice.  
  • Blend it for 5 minutes  
  • Serve in decorated glasses with Pelon Pelonetes gummies.  


Additionally, we are giving you another drink to make when you want to be fun and try something delicious just because. 


Here you have:   

Frappe Pelon Pelo Rico  

Put in a Blender 1/2 Package of Pelon Pelonetes, 1 Pelon Pelo Rico, Simple Syrup, Sugar, and Crushed Ice. Ready to drink.  

There it is, three easy ways to include Pelon Pelo Rico at your family and friend events.



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